Fernando Mondragon


Fernando Mondragon

With over 10 years of experience in graphic design and web development, He has a good grasp on both sides of web design and development and is eager to share what he has picked up in his years of working for various companies and clients.

Within those 10 years, Fernando has made HTML and CSS a third and fourth language for himself. He understands how they work and interact together in the browser and can spot how a page might have been developed and troubleshoot any bugs or errors.

In addition to HTML & CSS, Fernando has working knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, PHP and has extensive experience in developing custom themes on the Wordpress framework. He also has worked on many projects built on node.js using front end frameworks.

He is currently working on a custom progressive web application that aims to helps promote local businesses.


International Academy of Design & Technology, Chicago
BFA Graphic Design & Multi-media - 2005


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Art & Design
Health & Fitness



Responsive Web Developermnt


VS Code
Adobe Creative Suite


Beverage Testing Institute

Custom Wordpress Theme Design & Development

Banker's Box - Moving Calculator

A website has a number of moving parts that have specific roles and functions. At the beginning of the workshop, an overview of how a website works will be explained.

Spring Creek Gospel Hall

A website has a number of moving parts that have specific roles and functions. At the beginning of the workshop, an overview of how a website works will be explained.

Multiple Inc - Sedgwick

Front-end Development

Aeramax Pro

Custom Wordpress Theme Development

The Elevator Consultants

Custom Wordpress Theme Design & Development

The Edge | Sedgwick's quarterly Publication

Custom Wordpress Theme Development

Believers Hymn Book

Custom Design & Javascript Development

Website workflow and organization

A website commonly uses 4 different languages. At Syntax, you'll learn 2 of those 4 and will be introduced to a third. These 3 are used for front-end development and are always used for web development.

Organization is very important in web development. It's important for future developers that might work on a website you created or if you are working on a pre-developed website, you will have a good idea of where to find what you need.


HTML structures a website. It contains images and information in containers so that each can be arranged in the most appropriate way. Without html, the website can only look like a text document so we strategically put different parts of content into html containers.

CSS goes hand-in-hand with HTML. Without it, a website will look like a plain text document so knowing CSS is one of the most important languages to know to make a website look how it was designed.

Responsive development

Responsive web design ensures users have a good viewing experience on any of their devices. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in its search results and it's essential to learn how to optimize websites for mobile by using responsive website development.


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