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About Fernando Mondragon

fernando_mondragonI have been working with graphic and web design and development for just under 10 years now. I have worked on many projects for large companies such as IBM, Intel, Cisco Systems, General Electric, Texas Instruments, Discover Card, and others. I have also worked closely with a few creative agencies such as HYconnect, LECltd, Pratt Marketing Group and UBM Studios.

I specialize and have much knowledge in most areas of graphic design such as photography, print design, logo design, typography and in standards-based DHTML for front-end web and mobile development.

Each site I develop is custom designed and is search engine optimized, using correctly structured HTML and other tools such as Google Analytics, Google Sitemap Indexing, meta data and SEO-friendly URLs (thanks WordPress!).

I live in and am from the Chicago area and enjoy meeting and building relationships with new people. I’m easy to work with and even more laid-back when I am not working. Being a very uncomplicated person sometimes causes others to find me a little mysterious but I thank God for this trait since it makes for a nicer life experience and helps in understanding this career-path I have been set on.

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Fernando Mondragon
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